Hi I'm Zahraa and I am writing this blog on behalf the MYMUP Academy Ambassadors.

We meet every Wednesday at the MYMUP office and offer our suggestions/feedback on the digital solutions created the MYMUP team and the partners.

As Ambassadors we are really interested in Software Development and the reason I come to the academy is to be a part of a development team this gives me experience in the future for my career as a Software Developer.

We've been involved in the Beyond Safer Spaces project from the wire framing stage. Some of our feedback has been shared in the previous blog but we thought we'd explain how young people have been involved in this project so far.

At the start of the project we were shown the wire frame of the platform and were asked if we thought it was a good idea and if we thought if it would be used by young people across Bradford.

We all thought it was a good idea because not all young people would be comfortable with talking over the phone whilst in crisis. Therefore, using the text messaging service was a great idea as it would be more appealing for young people. At the start of the process we were shown mock-ups of the user interface and we were asked what we liked and disliked about the design.

We were asked our opinion on the visual hierarchy used which included the distribution of the logo, navigation bar and content of the website. We also discussed how the different use of colours can portray different emotions for the user. We felt the colour was important as an aesthetic but we also recommended tying the colour in with the functionality of appointment scheduling within the platform.

Next steps.

As an academy, working on this project would definitely help me in the future to improve my existing skills on website design as I have tested and given my own recommendations to the development team. It would also give me the experience on how to communicate with clients on other projects.

We look forward to giving you update on the testing phase next month.

Thanks Zahraa - MYMUP Academy Member.