The Beyond Safer Spaces Steering Group meet recently to coordinate and discuss the plan for the testing and training of the system.

The MYMUP Digital Team started by providing a development update and asked for partners to identify the best approach for the testing and training of the platform. The session also asked partner organisations to identify how the system will impact on their organisations works and the people they support.

Peter Garland from BCHT felt the Beyond Safer Spaces platform would:

• Reduced confusion and inconsistencies between VCS and NHS Services.
• Provide standard work and processes
• Reduction of need of phone calls between VCS and First Reponses freeing up time for clinical activity.
• Provides measurable data to inform decision making and establish if changes are working.

Sanctuary Manager April Joy from Mind in Bradford thought that the platform would:

• Be an easier platform to use compared to current one.
• Allows for more joint working and cross working / good practice information sharing.
• Reduces the amount of times clients have to repeat themselves.
• Conducive to the whole system approach
• Provides a Digital offer to clients
• Stream lining information

Phillip Goodwood Guideline Manager at Mind echoes these points and explained that the platform would:

• Provides an additional support option to clients in crisis (Face to face, phone support, live chat / skyped)
• Provides a digital support option that is likely to be more engaging for young people requiring support.
• Increase the ways we can offer to support to clients. This option will be really helpful for anyone that has some anxiety around speaking over the phone. Supports those that are located further away from services – E.G Skipton
• Strengths the relationship between First Reponse, Mind in Bradford, Cellar Trust and Towerhurst. Supports the work being done with frequent attenders as an alterative to attending at A and E in crisis.
• More support options to more people stat for Bradford in Mental Health strategy show the city will be one of the youngest in the next 5 years.

Head of Client Services at the Cellar Trust Heather Tattersal felt that “the platform would be provide Clients with a “Digital Option with instant messaging and phone support. Online features with webinars would help to streamline appointments. It would assist with Data Capture and Improve communication with Safer Spaces and First Response.”

Next Steps:

The group agreed on the testing and training schedule. Partner organisation are currently recruiting staff and volunteers to be involved in the testing phase. The MYMUP Academy will provide young people to support the platform from a Client / User Perspective.